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Greg Roderick

I had to sell my parents home last year, and I was fortunate to have Jessica as my agent. It’s not like you sell a house on a regular basis, so when you do, it’s especially important to have an advocate on your side. That’s exactly what my Mother and I experienced with Jessica. Before we decided to have her represent us, I interviewed a few other agents in town (which I would recommend for others as well), and I believe their motivation was for the quickest sale as possible (for their benefit), and not about our best interest. Jessica was different. She staged the house with mostly her furnishings and provided us with great advice before we hit the market. Additionally, we ended up with a 30% higher sell price compared to one of the other agents wanted to sell the house for. Yes, I said a 30% difference. I know markets can change and your results may be different; However, having an agent on your side should be the constant.


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